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May 11th, 2018, 06:40
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Yes if the application has an exception the os will catch it but if the os has an exception there is a reasonable chance it will reboot (and yes i've delt with this before - i had 32 GB of memory and the last 10k was bad).
Gotta disagree there, normally the OS's crash handler would do something (maybe only even for a couple seconds), then reboot afterwards. So yes there is a reboot, never said there wasn't - but the "crash handler then reboot", a warm reboot, feels a lot different than a sudden power cycle style cold reboot. Worst case, if the corruption is too bad for the OS to get into its crash handler etc, you may get a hang. Not saying it isn't possible, but I've dealt with many cases of bad memory on the thousands of systems I've been responsible for keeping running, and I've never seen the "power cycle" symptom occur from bad memory, ever.
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