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May 11th, 2018, 13:39
If you have another video card, any video card, put it in just to test, run the game and see. If it still crashes then try removing half of the RAM (if you have 8GB try 4GB), if it still crashes, use the other half of the RAM, if it still crashes try running the game with the case open and maybe an external fan pointing at it. The idea is to identify first if it's hardware related or what.

The obvious culprit could be a faulty power supply, but I watch a streamer that had this problem playing Divinity Original Sin 2, total computer crash after about 90 minutes of playing, not a blue screen a hard crash/reboot, and only with DOS2 (so far), he replaced the PSU and the problem still happened. He never figured out what the issue is but he got a workaround and now plays the game in one hour intervals. Plays one hour, quits and restarts the game. No more crashes.
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