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May 11th, 2018, 23:22
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Is there lots of good exploration across many interesting islands?
If you ask me the answer is neither yes or no but: meh.

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Can you go off the beaten path, find well-hidden secrets, get wrapped up in exploration in farther off in areas you didn't even realize you would be going to, etc.? Are there lots of nooks and crannies, secrets and rewards for poking around in difficult to reach areas? Are there non-level scaled areas and non-leveled loot rewards where you could try and survive and maybe explore a difficult area, in tension of not sure when you will be jumped, grab some rare item and trying to escape before getting murdered badly? Interesting locations to find with lore, intrigue and backstory that fleshes out the world you're in more? Unexpected encounters with interesting things, be it characters, monsters or some landmark? Legendary item hunts where you could track down hard-to-get and powerful artifacts? Is there any sort of puzzles, riddles while exploring, areas you have to come back later to with new information, and free-form, open exploration? That would be the start of good exploration to me. Interested to hear about the exploration if you could talk a bit about it.
Yes, yes, yes. There are but when you get stupid garnet or ruby and not soulbound weapon goodbye sense of accomplishent. Levelscaling is an option, you can (I actually already did it a few times) get in, avoid stronger trashmobs, grab the loot, escape. No. No. No. Yes, yes, yes, partially on both. I disagree. We have separate threads on hints and stuff in Eternity forum section as here would be spoilers/offtopic.
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