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September 27th, 2016, 02:15
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My pen & paper group also completely ignored rules like that. We never thought rules like that made any sense, and so we did not use them. In fact, I think I know of more people who ignored them than people who used them. Then again, early D&D did have a lot of strange things that, in retrospect, either are very unintuitive or flat out bad design.
I think everyone's PnP group ignored the racial limits.

I seem to recall Gary Gygax stating the limits were there specifically to make AD&D a Human-centric game, as he felt there would be no reason to choose humans otherwise. So it was very much intentional bad design.

AD&D (at least AD&D 2) really has its sweet spot at around level 4-8, where most classes feel roughly balanced compared to each other, and you don't get any of the things that completely breaks the game. Sub level 4 (and level 1-2 in particular), AD&D combat is very random. I'm personally not a fan of really low level AD&D, be it Goldbox or Baldur's Gate.
I agree. Dark Sun: Shattered Lands started off at just the right point, L3-4 IIRC depending on class and multiclass, though I can't recall what you ended up at in the end, since I've not played it in years. I disliked the 4 person limit to the party though, and the UI seemed a bit clunky, but I otherwise liked it.

If someone ever remastered the gold box games, I would hope that they'd get the BG-style ruleset, with the racial limits ditched in the trash where they belonged, and some missing classes (2E Bards and Druids mostly) added in. Add in a usuable automap, the journal moved in-game, and I'd gladly rebuy them.

On my Gateway run, I finished that and transferred most of my party into Treasures, ditching my two multiclassed characters for a pure Mage and a Fighter/Thief. Thieves get the short end of the stick in Gateway. I never got any armor until the Bracers AC 4, Ring of Protection +2, and Cloak of Displacement toward the end for my Mage/Thief. I also never got a replacement for the short sword and short bow, carrying those all the way until the end.

I'm debating sticking with the Gold Box games for a while, and hitting Pool of Radiance, which I never actually played. That line of games, I only played Secrets of the Silver blades, which IMO is the worst of the GB games I have played, and Pools of Darkness. Pool of Radiance and Curse of the Azure Bonds, like Gateway to the Savage Frontier, will be new territory for me, even if the style is very familiar.
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