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April 19th, 2018, 14:19
"ICY's writing, story, companions and atmosphere are well done, well enough so that they carry the game. On the other hand, ICY offers nothing that we have not seen in other games. Nor is there any surprising plot twists like one experiences in the best-written role-playing games."

I totally agree with this but also want to add that the writing IS the game in this case, since it is not resting on its graphics or action-oriented gameplay. What I thought the game excelled at (having played the original and the re-issue) was ATMOSPHERE. It really made you feel part of that world - I actually felt cold playing the game. I think it accomplished this because it relies more on your imagination, like older RPG games like Bard's Tale I-III, and imagination activates more feeling in the gamer. So I think if like that older style of gaming, this is gametime well-spent.
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