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February 25th, 2020, 01:36
What kind of question is that? Buy whatever you think is the best for you.

If you want something just to play games and not worry about settings, framerates, mods*, and don't mind paying a subscription for online go with the console. The new gen consoles look like they might be pretty capable, and they will definitely be cheaper to buy in the than the equivalent PC.

If you want something you can also use for work, something you can set every game setting to your liking, mods, free online and something you can upgrade down the line to be faster than the console, go with PC. Modern consoles are essentially PCs anyway, so whatever hardware they use (AMD combo in this case) will be available for PC, too. The difference is only in software. Plus, the PC, while more expensive at the start will end up being cheaper in the long run.

* I know there are mods on consoles now, but they are currently like 1% of what is available on PC, both in terms of supported games and in terms of available mods for specific games. That will change in the future, but will never reach the level of PC simply because of the different philosophy (plug and play of consoles and set every tiny detail to your liking and then play of PC).
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