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April 5th, 2012, 23:37
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I don't believe I said I said I've never played a game with less depth. I may have but they had other redeeming features of some sort. A decent story or characters or…you know, furniture. DL doesn't (both redeeming features and furniture).
Arguable on the redeeming features front, but I'll give you the furniture point. :-)

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I'm not a prolific gamer, so you may be wrong about having played more games than yourself - I wouldn't know how to compare. I'm slow and have little time (I see people posting about finishing ME3 the day after release - I'd be surprised if I'm finished in 6 months).
If you've even started ME3, you've probably played more games than I have. :-)

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Most games don't try to combine western, asian and arabic influences in a strange 5-way multiclassing melange
That's enough awesomeness right there to make me want to reinstall! ;-)

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and some learning bonuses that might or might not work. Half the House bonuses didn't work and none of the Heraldry worked. None. Repair, scout, identify, alchemy, and steal didn't work. Class pre-requisite checks didn't work. [snip] and enjoy the half-dozen skills you would get throughout the entire game, although only three or four would work properly.
Point of clarification for those that haven't decided whether to try the game: they fixed most (all? been a while, can't remember…) of these bugs by the time the CE rolled out.

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That said, I mostly only play RPGs and I do my research - I don't buy many truly bad games.
Ah. K. I can see why DL would be one of your worst ever.

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So, no, it's not the worst game ever made but it is categorically the most incompetent professional development I can recall.
Won't argue that. :-)
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