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October 16th, 2012, 12:05
Let me fix this for you :

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I will never give Electronic Arts a single penny since they released SWTOR in a buggy state where the game's "free" 30 days of play time gets counted down even without any subscription. They don't allow subscriptions to be frozen, either. They stole me twenty bucks. I want my twenty bucks back.

This company does NOT deserve your goodwill.

If you want to play the games go ahead and pay the minimum. Don't give them extra. They're not a charity. They're not your friends. They don't need your help. They are selling a product. You're a consumer. Be a smart one.
Side note : Yes, this happens. EA substracted from my "free play time" 12 days until I sent them a bug ticket. They substracted them although I NEVER had any subscription. all I did was registering the game.

And now I've found out that subscriptions canot be "frozen" at all. PC damaged ? Vacation ? Hospital ? Severe illness ? No way, it will count down, no matter what you do.

You are ranting about doors disappearing ? I'm ranting about paid playing time being taken from me !
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