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April 2nd, 2008, 03:42
I too was bored to tears playing the vanilla game when it first came out. And when the lvl scaling became apparent to me, it just turned me off completely. Hence I quit playing and never bought Shivering Isles.

I'm actually loath to discribe, catagorize or praise Oblivion as a real RPG. Like I said in my initial post, it's a pretty good "gaming experience", and I mean that apart from an RPG experience. I think to get the most out of Oblivion, one must resign ones self to the fact that it's not a real RPG, but rather something different unto itself. Less roleplaying, less hack and slash (thank God), more simple adventure. Except that, and you may enjoy it for what it is.

Modded to my liking, it is a what I'd call a wonderful "adventuring" game. It's fun to just get on my horse, roam the really great countryside and see what kind of trouble I can get myself into. It does look incredible, runs, loads and saves much better than the Witcher and Gothic 3, and the world on the trail is very immersive. And now, with the lvl scaling fixed, I can definitely get myself into a world of trouble. I like that. It makes me want to advance my character and become stronger. I'd say that Oblivion is a very good charater advancement game… or, perhaps "simulation" would be a better term.

I'm using the deadly reflex 3 mod for advanced combat. It really enhances the combat in a satifying, visceral way. Very cool. Unfortunately, I know of no roleplaying mods… although I'm pretty sure I've seen a catagory for it on Planet elderscrolls site. We'll need to check that out.
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