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April 2nd, 2008, 07:25
I'm not sure whether it makes much sense to debate whether Oblivion is an RPG or not, as you cannot change much about the basic game and its quests. Oblivion lets you choose your character and skills, unlike The Witcher, where these elements are very limited. But the poor implementation with the counterintuitive skill management kills this typical RPG element for me. But enough complaints, that's why we have mods .

I haven't tried any mods yet, but I would count the TNR, and here especially the TIE mods as RPG mods, the latter specifically for stealthy chars. The Cobl mods seem also to fall into the RPG category. Personally, I might pick a few things from there, but much of it seems a bit extreme for my taste.

I know you don't want to talk about it, but which of the overhaul mods do you use? I thought this FCOM stuff was a bit too much, and although I like the basic idea behind Oscuro's, I'm not sure whether I like the execution. I don't need bunches of weird monsters every two meters. I just don't want each and every fight to be similarly exhausting. That gets old quick. Does anyone know how Fransisco's alone works out?
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