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April 2nd, 2008, 23:14
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No pc games? Not at all? Ever?
What is it then - Your gaming platform?
Oh, I guess I mis-expressed myself. I still play PC games allright… Heretic, Hexen, Catacomb 3D, RoTT… pretty much all the old shooters and even the occasional favorite elderly CRPG or adventure like Lands of Lore or Realms of the Haunting - basically games that don't demand my fullest attention because I know every nook and cranny by heart, anyway. But the last newer game for PC I bought was DMoMM, and my Radeon 9800 ate itself straight afterwards; I decided against going to the storeroom and take a newer video card from a shelf… I took an old Radeon 7000 nobody wanted, thus castrating my comp on purpose. I even skipped the latest installments of my favorite PC franchises of old, like UT or C&C.

The same is also true for my old, modded Xbox: I use the Xbox mainly as an emulator (for Atari 2600, SNES and some old PC shooters) nowadays. The only platform I still use for serious gaming (i.e., playing games I haven't played before), is my modded PS2. Yeah, I know it's an old system as well, but I have a whole bunch of PS2 games I haven't played through yet, and with the free time I currently have for gaming it'll last me another two or three years. *Then* I might get a 'newer' gaming platform, like a Wii…
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