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April 2nd, 2008, 22:58
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Yeah, that's where I started looking for quest mods. As far as I can see, the best ones there are companion mods, which don't really suit my stealthy thief. Otherwise, it seems a short list, which I found disappointing. It's interesting that Oblivion modders have tackled every aspect of appearance, gameplay and interface tweaking but they don't embrace storytelling with the same verve (as far as I can see, not having followed the game closely).
Well, there are some mods that take tens of hours. Some even look as they might have good stories (I will probably only know when I actually play them). The first one in the list looks a bit eclectic from the screenshots. The "Spires" mod is quite involved and sounded interesting, but seems to be mostly fights. Stuff like "Kvatch Aftermath", "Necromancers" and so on seem to tell long stories, too, but the voice acting is painful. Not sure about "Blood and Mud".

I guess the problem with quests is writing meaningful dialog trees and getting all the conditions and triggers right in the editor. Unfortunately, not many people put up with that. The other thing is that users seem to see voice acting as requirement. Personally, I prefer no voice acting to bad voice acting, but I seem to be alone in this regard. It doesn't help that Bethsoft broke the lip synch module with their latest patches.
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