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September 26th, 2017, 23:56
Hey guys,
i'm vlzvl and i'm creating a dungeon crawler game titled The Darkness Below. The game itself its on early stages of development and i am focusing at the moment into appropriate graphics and game mechanics, not stories, world or levels.

As you will find from the images, i am a serious fan of Might & Magic and Eye of the Beholder series, which i believe they're the most influential in RPG history. My goal is to make a game that plays like these series.

As you will see, graphics is not my main focus rather the gameplay, exploration, concept and sheer length and also keeping true to my influences. I still believe that RPG should focus primarily on characters and less on surroundings and eye candies.

Check some early imagery:

A house in the forest!

Inventory and equipment

Taking on a quest!

Venturing into a dungeon…

That's all for now.

PS. I'm using a custom cross-platform 3D game engine, a product of mine named Jolt3D! that i started long ago, and i am the sole person on this project. That requires extreme work amount from my side so be gentle, there's no Unity or a bazillion of assets or a team in this project to speed it up.

PS2. Check my Patreon as well for development updates.

Thank you for your time and being here.

This page has been updated with new links to older imagery, which it took me some time to gather it up.
Check my Patreon
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