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July 5th, 2020, 12:58
Originally Posted by Pongo View Post
Thanks for the detailed update! Your game looks great.

I assume by the UI layout that this is real time combat? Or is it turn based? I play either quite happily to be honest, but would be interested to know.

How will magic work? Will it be rune based (eg, "find the correct shape for the spell") or something more D&Dish?

Good luck with the project.
hey, thanx for kind words!

The whole system is turn-based, both in movement & combat. For each movement the party makes (no turns), the monsters movement follow. It's based on Might & Magic 3-5 movement. In combat, the order is computed by the stat Quickness (each character & monster has a value for it), then each combatant makes his action when its his/her turn. Character can act 2 times on their turn because each has 2 hands.

The magic system is based on spell slots (i believe D&D?) & not on mana points (not M&M). The system is more straightforward than a rune based system i.e. it just requires frequent use, not real memorization by users. However, The spell allocation is not the easiest thing to describe, perhaps a mix of systems. The magic (at the moment) sorts spells by the element they mostly deal with (a spell can use 1 or more elements), for example Jetfire belongs to the Fire magic craft. A Craft have 5 skill levels, from Initiate to Grandmaster. The caster (as any other profession on a craft) gains experience on such crafts by simply using magic, items etc. After a while, he gains a level on a craft, the same way he gains character levels. After a while, he's eligible to progress on the next expertise level i.e. Initiate -> Apprentice and so on. So, magic is heavily experience based (you're also on your own learning your own magic, not just picking spells on a level screen).
I hope it's clear now
Thanx for the interest
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