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July 10th, 2020, 19:20
Originally Posted by Kordanor View Post
Pretty cool, and with turn based combat I am intrigued.

I also like the graphics and the interface for the most part. The enemies however look too comical and low detail (if you compare that to the portraits) while the picture of the forest which seems to be a real photo is too realistic in the other way. I think the portraits, and the surroundings look just right (well, maybe besides of the desert horizon background).

Definitely looking forward to this one.
Hey, thanks for your good words & the feedback
Yes, there's a slight difference in graphics styles in graphics. Party portraits is one of the paid resources allowing a commercial usage but i cannot do that for all needed resources, not at this time anyway & not with intended quality. Since i am the only guy on this project & not an artist, i also have to find a balance between graphics, animation & quantity. My intention is to have lots of those resources & keep the best in the end, the ones meeting the style of the two (2) games used as inspiration. Some/most? of them wont be in the final release. I just try to gather what "works" now, given the massive work i have ahead of me. Improving a little bit of everything is the goal.

The tree is actually pixel-art, perhaps the angle doesn't show that, check that sprite:

I constantly try to find/match appropriate graphics to the game, having made numerous changes to reach the current state. Portraits were one such change, perhaps not the best set, but one that currently "works" & certainly one that worked a lot better than previous set.
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