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July 26th, 2020, 18:44
Ok, after some ~3 weeks of rigorous work, here's the update.

The game is labeled as a first person dungeon crawler but it was seriously missing a good set of stairs, as well the mechanism behind that.
Work is not done on that department as more models and/or textures may come. However, i can now happily connect my dreamy sewer dungeon through a series of stairs, allowing numerous interconnected levels to an interior area! Not really 100% satisfied with the result but it "passes" for now, work will be continued. Check some pics.​

I've implemented the "training" mechanism for crafts. I decided that providing points after a gained level is not a realistic mechanism of improving one's abilities. A character is trained on his/her crafts by using them, in the appropriate way. That is, a character gains experience in Long blade craft when he strikes with a Long blade weapon on a target & causes damage! A wizard gains experience on Fire magic by causing damage to a target with a Fire-based spell! Thus, A character has additional levels & experiences for his/her crafts and he gains craft levels by reaching the next craft level, the same way he would in her character levels. After a while, characters are eligible to advance in their expertise, providing a new set of bonuses/features. More information on Rulebook, but for now check how a character's crafts page would look like (a ridiculously buffed-out character, that is).

Event backgrounds
I assembled some newer event backgrounds & decided to make 1 or 2 events to show how a quest/discussion would look like. Quests shown are just for showing, working on content has not started yet. Those scenes were literally made up in 5 minutes.

Ok, that was itů
Nothing too excessive, just improving the game day by day.
I hope you like itů I will be happy to get some feedback.
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