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July 26th, 2020, 18:59
Very cool. Loos great!

Regarding the crafts - I am not against it, and I think other Crawlers are using this learning by Doing Approach as well. I think Stonkeep for example, and Lands of Lore as well.
Just a word of warning here, that there is also multiple ways of screwing character systems up if they are entangled in the wrong way.
Like Oblivion, where the best way to level up your character was to set primary skills which you don't use, so you don't accidently level up without getting the maximum out of it.
Or Neocron comes to mind as well, though they didnt have learning by doing. They mixed up skillpoints in a bad way with classes and category budgets, so that a heavy tank was usually much more agile than a spy (or whatever the class was called) as the spys attack skill was in the DEX category, so he needed to focus on that while the Tanks main attack skill was STR based, and so all his points in DEX could be put into speed, leading to a speedy tank with bazookas and a slow Spy with a sniper rifle…
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