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August 17th, 2020, 23:13
Another update, worthy of some ~20 days of work.

Title Screen
Perhaps its a bit early to deal with that but a demo still needs a title screen & a nice, spooky background music. After many revisions, here's how The Darkness Below title screen would look like:

Experience bars in Crafts
As said in previous posts, crafts (or skills) are based on experience points. An appropriate use of a craft through, say, an item will provide experience points in that craft. The craft level is increased automatically with an appropriate message & the player understands which craft was increased and by whom. Here's how those experience bars will look like in the crafts tab:

Torch, keys & keylocks
A long awaited update was keys & keylocks. Work is not done, due to lots of required work on that department, both in game, editor, graphics etc. Keys unlocks doors but can also trigger events which may have any consequence to any part of the dungeon. This adds another weapon in the puzzle department & content creation in general. Finally, a torch item has been implemented (check it just below the sword). Torches provide some light for a specific period of time & are extremely useful if your party doesn't have a wizard (what?).
Check some images, mostly the keys & some keylocks. Not all keylocks are implemented:

That's all for now, hope you like it.
I think i am getting close to some alpha release with just the basic stuff (not a demo or anything), plus a ton of fixes till then.
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