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September 13th, 2020, 06:36
Ok, this took a bit longer but things are getting more interesting from now on.
Check below for more.

Improved keylocks
I invested time into improving the visuals of keylocks & i believe they now look more concrete with added shadows, which adds points when you're looking them from some angle. Check some images:

Mobile Adventures
Played a lot with Android NDK & my engine to make the game run and managed to build some binaries. Frame rate is ugly ass for now, mainly because of my old ass devices, as well as the dread tiled rendering architecture they work on which doesn't play well with rendering to texture. Since my engine renders everything to texture, its a problem that needs to be solved. Check some pics:

World Map!
I'm happy to announce the world map has been completed in whole. Well, not yet as content is still awaiting, which will certainly cause map updates (cities, roads and such). There are some villages, towns, ruins & castles in the map already, more will be added. I managed to convert a gigantic map from Donjon into my own editor, which took me many days, lots of coffee & lots of clicking. Check the map & estimate how long to beat the game..

Ok, that was itů A demo can't get released without a proper world map.
Hope you like it.
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