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October 4th, 2020, 17:38
Ok, this was a hard one to make.
I tried to do a little bit of everything, from improving graphics to fix the spell system to animate monsters to improve the editor and about a hundred more.
It seems there's always something more to do, so i instead focused on weaknesses & what's missed from the game. So, here's the visual log:

New monsters & indoor environemt
I invested in a goodly amount of new resources to cover the glaring weakness of indoor environment. Now it should start looking more & more like a game. Check the following images for the first monsters & new indoor environment, to get a taste of the (final) graphic direction. I also changed some portraits & items, because i was tired of the previous ones:

Tile editor
Perhaps not interesting enough like the game, but the editor itself was improved as well, especially in rendering window. Not many things to say, as you see its an editor for developers only and super unfriendly. I'm wondering if i get it to a point to be usable by others, i hope so:

Spell system
The system was undergone a mini-overhaul to be able to support more abilities. One of such ability / requirement was, for example, for a spell to dictate a target to cast i.e. think about a Cure spell. Another requirement was to allow a monster to take such decisions as well, like using Cure on his fellow undead as well. My longterm goal is to have a good amount of interesting, as well complex, spells that could rival those of pen & paper spells. All previous spells were removed in favor of new spells, which at the moment are eight (8) in number, properly balanced between Cleric & Wizard. Not wanting to say anything about that at the moment, since this update is on the graphics / usage side. Here's how a (reworked) spellbook will look like when a caster uses a spellbook-like item, such as staff:

In the game, the spell levels are sorted into expertise levels (Initiate, Apprentice etc.) which are interpreted above in numbers 1, 2 etc. There's also an icon to show the element the spell is using i.e. draw power from. There are no components like in pen & paper systems to cast a spell.

This one took me quite some time, given the graphical & internal changes i had to make. The previous door system feels so awkward now compared to this one. Obviously, its about the same way EOB & DM render their doors & that was exactly my intention. At the moment i only have two (2) doors but no button to open them, so this will be the next step. Check some images:

Ok, that was itů This update feels like some kind of a milestone.
In the end, i kinda like what i'm seeing, i hope you too as well.
In any case, leave a feedback or three
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