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January 2nd, 2019, 20:31
This game is second-tier and it honestly shows from the very basic looking character models to the lack-luster animations (running looks…painful, attacking motions are choppy and have no dynamism). It's a step back from the actual clang of blades and parrying you'd see in NWN1…anyhow.

I found myself comparing this to Tyranny. Tyranny's better in many regards. PF:KM feels ..ten year late to the Black Isle party, and fails to capture any lasting engagement or engender any interest in its story. Partly I think the writing is quite lacking (maybe it's because the dev's aren't English..?) and the kingdom management feels shoe-horned and needlessly intrusive.

I decided to treat this just like a series of set-piece battles interspersed with random encounters and that attitude makes the game more tolerable. But having playing PnP PF and D&D there's precious little motivating me to keep playing except I've started and sunk many hours into it, and once I can cross it off my list I can move onto something more enjoyable. I went expecting NWN2: MoTB or at PoE-2 quality…and got something far less.

To say nothing of the frustrating random bugs/broken questlines I've encountered, despite all the people insisting "it's been playable for a whole month now!". Ugh.

I have a feeling that I had waited like a year for this to go on a significant sale, it would be a much better experience. Not a $40 game, more like a $15-20 one.
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