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January 3rd, 2019, 00:45
Don't get me confused I do like the game and almost certainly put more money onto Kingmaker than both of you combined (and probably then some). However that doesn't mean I can't comparatively say that if you consider Original Sin 2 (which is longer than Kingmaker - at least for me it was) and Deadfire that it is poor value for money.

And don't even get my started on the quality of the physical copies. I'm going to post a photo so you can see what I mean here. Please wait and see, it is laughable when you compare them side by side.

Deadfire has currently sold significantly more copies as Kingmaker (just considering Steam) and based on Steam reviews + metacritic and any other review site out there it is significantly more fun. Original Sin 2 has sold more than 10x as many copies and vastly better reviews. It is overpriced when you compare it too what else is in the market currently, that is before you even compare the quality of the product. Kingmaker has more bugs than both Deadfire and Original Sin 2 combined.
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