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January 21st, 2019, 12:43
Sorry for not responding earlier, somehow I had missed your question totally.

The question is really valid. In practice the gameplay is somewhat different to usual turn-based as the turns are simultaneous, but the experience is much closer to turn-based than RTwP.

You will give commands for individual characters instead of having them pick those automatically, which is very much in line with your traditional turn-based games, therefore keeping all the control in your own hands all the time.
The time manipulation enables you to do it smoothly without ending up into situation where it becomes too much of just guesswork in trying to instantly figure out what will happen simultaneously. Instead you can give your commands and renew your decisions based on what would happen on realtime. This actually turns the gameplay more puzzle-like experience. So, in practice there can be impossible seeming encounters that you'll find your way to solve in your own way.

You can then run longer chunks of given commands in series after rewinding, giving you smooth looking combat action, which is what leads easily to RTwP impressions when looking video capture of those.

The video on top of the thread should give you better impression though.

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Expand please. I mean either it is turn base or it is real time with pause. How can it be closer to turn base without being turn base? Is it timed turn base where you are skipped if you don't do somehting in an allotted amount of time ?
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