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July 10th, 2019, 13:52
Originally Posted by SleepingDog View Post
I am not a comic book reader
That's why movies and series are for. Not everyone lived when comics started and some are, culturally, artistically and with style - outdated or oldfashioned.

With universe resets and different timelines it's pretty unfair to compare Spiderman comics with any live version as it doesn't have to follow the written/drawn source. What needs to be compared are:
- humor
- excitment
- villains
If the movie (or series) fails on any of these three points, then it sux compared to comics.

Originally Posted by SleepingDog View Post
"Yesterday" is a romantic comedy with great songs. Yes I am a Beatles fan and hearing the songs on a top quality cinema system was mind blowing. The story line does not stand up to much scrutiny but just ignore it and let the feel good factor carry you on. I will be buying the Blu-ray version at some stage. Worth a listen and a look.
Do please find and watch A Hard Day's Night. It's pure gold.
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