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August 24th, 2019, 21:56
In my recent sudden desire to replay something old and nostalgic I bought Medieval: Total War, yes, the first one, off of Steam for 6.99. I could and should have waited for a sale but I was salivating too much.

To be honest, I shouldn't have bought it at all, the game was made for Windows XP 32 bit and hasn't worked on any system since that's either not XP or 32 bit. Maybe some 32 bit Vista users got it to work, I don't know, the whole Vista era has been blanked from my memory as it's the one I skipped.

Checking out the Steam discussions and reviews for the game, the word CRASH appears far more often that any purchasable game would allow. The number of game-breaking problems as thread titles is in double figures in just the first two pages of discussions. Every rational diode in my body told me not to buy it.

I got to about 1191AD before the game crashed to desktop, and this persisted irrevocably. It works ok for the first few years but as soon as the game starts getting interesting, off it goes, crash'o'rama time. So I started another game and did that for a bit then did a custom battle & at least I know I can look at it again and have the taste.

What a truly wonderful and unique game, never again matched in the series IMO. Just every detail is lovely. Well, aside from the ship bug & naval combat generally.

But, really, the fact that this is even on sale is nearly if not actually criminal. Creative Assembly have known this game is unplayable for nearly a decade and yet they never bother sorting it and, worse, they just stick it on sale in a knowingly broken state. I really can't fathom what's wrong with them, have they NO pride at all. No love for the game that made their name in the western market. Can they not spare just one person to work on it.

Can they not just give it to GoG so they can fix it and settle for a cut of the sales, is that too much to effin' ask. Just what is their problem! Grrrrr etc etc etc.

But wow, what a lovely game.
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