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March 20th, 2011, 20:19
Uh, one hour a day is what I can afford nowadays if a game is interesting.
Back then I played about 2 hours on weekdays (right, not much) when I did not have to train for e-sports, and five or six hours a day on weekends without tourneys. That's an average of about 16 hours/week. A year has ~52 weeks, so that's still an enormous amount of time I spent with Morrowind.

I replayed Daggerfall for the last time back in '03 or '04 I think. As I was prepared for the bugs and knew what to watch out for it wasn't too frustrating… but some of the dungeons were just as irritating as they were when I got lost during my first play-through. Luckily, there's a debugging shortcut that cycles you through the important locations of a dungeon… that cheat is a necessity, because you WILL get stuck. If you don't fall through the floor first, of course.


By the way, I completed Daggerfall (as in, actually finished the main quest) on my last playthrough (see above). My first end game fell victim to a bug - the letters necessary to trigger the final chapter never spawned. Probably fell through one of the holes in the ground like the Dwemer. Anyway, after erring through the states of Iliac Bay for weeks (real time) I called it a day and stopped playing.
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