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October 20th, 2012, 14:20
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A circle dance with a firewall will do wonders as well, now that you're level 8.
I agree to that. It has become my Wizard's fvourite spell now (and he's concentrating on fire, mostly).

- I did a fast, and really smooth Tomb Of The Shdow Guard run yesterday evening (before I went out being too tired to play anymore), and it was quite a good thing with 3 people + 1 hireling (originally 4 people, but 1 dropped somehow).

The group's sorcerer didn't survive the first tunnel's swimming, but after I had told him to use the underwater-mmoss patches, he did : Like the underwater-moss in The Red Fens it gives one a temporary spell of … what's the word ? Water breathing ? water action ? Well, after that it went really good.

What I didn't understand, though, was, why my Cleric couldn't get this quest again; he quest giver only told me to ask some "Master", of whom I have forgotten the name. I assume that this has something to do with my Cleric doing all NecroII-quests except Shadow Crypt.

I could enter the Tomb, somehow, though; and we did it on "normal" difficulty.
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