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September 5th, 2009, 23:13
I don't like having to make my own characters before I know what the game is about too much. I like developing my character in relation to the gameworld.
How would I know before the game starts if my character wants more strength or more charisma and so on … or to have the barter skill or …

I prefer the things like in Gothic, but more on the skills based thing than the story thing. I like the fact that the guy from let's say Fallout had some kind of past and so on…

I hope I'm making sense.

GG, the best of luck for your game and whenever it's in a state you're ready to show it to people, count me in

Also, please don't make it go vapourware like Grimoire and others.

EDIT: I voted for I want story characters …

I forgot, like I said, this is mostly a skills thing, so if I can play around first for a while and then the rest of the party I can choose or do things with then that's also ok. It's just the start that I don't like having to choose stuff, then play for hours to realize this particular build is bad or unenjoyable.
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