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October 30th, 2011, 20:44
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Does anyone really believe that "beta by mistake" excuse?

It must be one of the least likely excuses in the history of bad ones.
It actually makes some sense here. When SotS2 was beta testing, they used Steam to distribute the beta test version.

Whether the developers accidentally sent the wrong one or Steam just activated the wrong one didn't end up mattering much. That was just a 12 hour delay. What's quite a bit more annoying to me is that the devs just sold us an "IOU" and a basket full of apologies.

If you treat the game as more of a preview than a game then it is quite impressive. They are adding a lot of very cool things. I just hope the companies can survive long enough to get those cool things working!

This all leaves me in a little delima…. By all rights, the devs and the publisher deserve to burn in the fires of capitalism for trying to do more than they could then covering up the fact when it became obvious that they weren't going to get this thing done before they ran out of cash. They've given us a way to get a refund so I could get my money back. If lots of people do that, one or both companies will likely go bankrupt.

On the other hand, they are one of the very, very few making/publishing 4X games these days. If the companies get broken up, those people are probably going to get stuck making games for the huge casual market, not more 4X games. Plus there's a good chance we'll be getting free goodies for sticking with them even though they took our money before they had a product to hand to us.

Hmmm, which way to go? I hope some RPG makers are watching this. I bet they could adapt the situation into a pretty good quest.
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