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April 2nd, 2013, 18:54
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Just 3 days left? I'm going to have to read the details and decide at which level I'm going to back.

The screenshot area looks so much better with the proper 3d character it's hard to put to words.

Thought the Stronghold stretch goal was yet another one coming straight from other kickstarters (see George Ziets) but it seems they will try to make it unique.

Think 4m is certainly attainable although I expected a stretch goal for further MCA involvement, maybe they're leaving that for a final 5m push..

BTW, does anyone follow closely enough to know how many people from the original PS:T team are involved?
I don't know the exact number but you have MCA as a creative Consultant (lead designer), Colin who was a designer for it, writers for it from it and other places Fargo was in interplay at the time, and monte cook was part of the team that wrote the planescape setting.

So… most of the key people.
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