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Default Horizons - Interview @ RPG Vault

October 5th, 2007, 01:28
RPG Vault talks to Rick Simmons and Jason Murdick, President and Lead Designer at Virtrium, about the current state of Horizons.
Jonric: When did the game launch? At that time, what kept it from achieving the success you were hoping for?

Rick Simmons:
Horizons launched December 5, 2003 in a really nice black box with a big dragon eye and the impression you'd have to cut your way through legions of undead armies and breath fire down on them from above in a massive battle to save Istaria. That wasn't exactly the game that shipped. I guess that's what happens when there's a bit of a disconnect between the publisher and the developer.

All I can say is that for other MMO developers out there, make sure your publisher has an interest in retaining customers once you attract them. Online games are all about subscriptions. If they leave after a month, the publisher may have made a few bucks on the box sale, but you, as a developer, are going to be eating a lot of macaroni.
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