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October 24th, 2017, 19:32
Originally Posted by Arkadia7 View Post
I totally agree with Drithius regarding Fluent's running around the forums, attacking other people for their opinions regarding his precious game, Elex.

I myself was subject to this juvenile behavior, so I'm well aware of it. I don't think its fair to other commentators that when they express their opinion, Fluent is going to attack them or try and bully them, and be rude and obnoxious to them over it.
Oh look, it's the guy who would continue to support a game developer even if proof comes out that they grossly mistreat their customers, simply because "they make a quality product." That told me all I needed to know about you.

Try harder.

My ignore list grows.

Back to ELEX. I stand by the fact that the game is polished relative to the level of budget and manpower behind it. If anyone would like to discuss that original point I made then feel free.

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