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October 30th, 2017, 11:35
Originally Posted by Mortmal View Post
As for vr i am not sure we are ready, it requires high end hardware, i've read you need 90fps to not get motion sickness, anyone tried it yet ?
I don't have a headset (yet), but I spent some time with an Oculus Rift a couple of weeks ago (Mostly Robo Recall and some Tilt Brush (3D drawing app) and some other demo). It was really fun and pretty mind blowing in some ways. I don't understand why some gamers are afraid of it, as it is going to replace normal PC gaming. It's certainly a great experience.

I don't have the newest hardware myself, but some people told me that I'd be able to scrape by with my old i7-950, newish GTX 960 2GB and 6GB RAM, but RAM will probably kill me most. Furthermore, some people have claimed that they're fine with 45fps, but you know how some people will always have different experiences and/or only want the highest fps possible.

I think mainstream VR is around the corner, if it's not already here.
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