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Default Baldur's Gate 3, Watcher Early Access Impressions

October 10th, 2020, 05:11
Surprised there already isn't a thread for this. Maybe I missed one somewhere else?

I've already got a backlog of games so I don't need to *immediately* jump into this, especially at the $60 price tag for Early Access. Ironically I think I'll wait for the initial EA launch to get patched up a bit before dipping my toe in, if I do at all until actual one.

From what I've read so far the consensus is that it feels like a Divinity game in a Forgotten Realms skin and if you enjoy Divinity games you'll probably enjoy this but don't go in expecting Baldur's Gate (despite the title.) Is that fair?

I'm sure there's a fair amount of Watchers that jumped into this, what's your impressions?

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