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October 20th, 2020, 11:12
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
@wolfgrimdark thanks for posting your Impression. As you know our tastes in games is almost similar. As I'm not a fan of TB RPGs, but I was in my youth just like you were.

So I'm sure I'll enjoy the game as well.

Hint: Look for a Bugbear and OwlBear in a Barn was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen in a RPG. I've seen it spoiled on IGN. Seems you can miss a lot of optional content.
There's a crazy amount of hidden content. Exploration is usually not amazing in this type of game when compared to first person or third person games from my experience…

This game however is taking exploration to a different level.

Some paths aren't even that hard to find once you know where to go.

A very minor spoiler below. In one of the first areas there's a person who is being stalked by an assassin bugbear. I didn't even see the area the first time I went there.

In one area there are some places to jump on to find a chest with some gold.

The game is vast and has many ways to solving issues.

Unfortunately it has many many bugs. So I am putting it down for a few more weeks. I'll try again then.

I've started playing dos2 which I never managed to get into. See how it goes this time.

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