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October 3rd, 2010, 17:46
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This is interesting, because, if I remember correctly, Human Revolution was meant to be some sort of "Prequel".
It's a prequel, it happen in 2027, while the first DX was in 2052.

The difference is that the Human Revolution team actually realized that cities change appearance over time, unlike DX where the cities looked like they haven't changed since 1980. Lots of their design are inspired by currently existing building in the world, from places like Dubai or Shangai.

Hengsha doesn't look that much different than Shangai does today anyway, beside the 2 floors design. Lots of neons, lots of funky looking building, etc. Also, Hengsha in the game need to have been build in less than 16 years starting today, if they place the game in "our" future. The island was sold to biotech in the game lore…

The other known cities in the game are pretty similar to what we have today (Detroit & Montréal), beside a few new buildings, are mostly made of good old red bricks walls.
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