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January 6th, 2013, 02:08
I agree. Mounts are awesome in Sacred 2.

First of all, they are just flat out cool. I'm a Seraphim riding on a Sabretooth Tiger. Bad-ass. My dad has a Hellhound which is like some Orcish beast or something that hops around like a frog. Then the other classes get cool mounts like Monitor Lizard, Wind Serpent, Spider. I love the mounts.

I do wish the special mounts had some abilities, though. I would have liked to maul enemies with my sabretooth, for example. The Hellhound would be perfect to have a pummeling fists ability. Maybe the spider could have shot web and entangled enemies, etc. I think they kind of cut it too short there.

But otherwise, mounts are awesome. Makes exploring and clearing the map a heck of a lot more efficient, that's for sure.

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