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September 2nd, 2018, 00:19
The September update for Unsung Story, is about diversity.

It's no secret that I love the tactics genre - especially the early games that all heavily influence Unsung Story. However, Artistic Diversity is one of the areas that I feel we can improve on when looking at those games. These previous titles focused on worlds where the population is a single skin tone from a single culture. To be fair, there were clear technology limitations that prevented changing the color of sprites or body features in real time.

Unsung Story focuses on an epic war between to clashing cultures, and I feel like we need to make sure the two sides of that conflict feel uniquely different.

Last month, I made a decision to pursue a solution to a couple different problems we were facing in the project that I felt needed to be solved. I wanted time to address the overly sexualized females, the lack of diverse body types, and give a nod to a more classic art style without losing our original vision.

This month, I'm very pleased to show our progress.

General Update

  • Base human models are done with lots of texture and body form variation. These were completely reworked last month to support everything we wanted.
  • Technology work in the character avatar system so that units can seamlessly shift between variations.
  • All class concepts are now finalized and half of the 3D models are done. This is where the equipment and clothing is coming from for our base models.
  • Creatures! We've created build outs for 10 unique types of creatures, and this month we started working on concepts. More than half are complete.
  • We are working back through the missions for gameplay and design iteration. We found a lot of areas for improvement in the initial whiteboxes, and have started making adjustments to objectives, map shape, spawn points, and some enemy combos.
  • Programming hand-off. There was some ramp up this month, while Torus handed off to our internal team.
More can be found at the link.

More information.
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