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May 20th, 2020, 12:08
Gears tactics is "OK" ("free" on GamePass) and works surprisingly well in-universe.

However, beyond the main "plot" guys (relatively small number - 4 so far, including pre-order) the additional characters are largely devoid of any personality or even purpose. I tend to swap them almost immediately for higher level versions, and there seems no reason to stick with them.

Ultimately the "series of missions" nature of the game feels a bit lacking in plot / depth with very limited gameplay elements between missions (levelling up, equipping found weapon mods, hiring/firing extra squad members that you probably won't use anyway).

It seems like the extra squad members will be used later for large numbers of filler-side-missions (padding), since there are limits on how many side missions a character can do per-story-mision. However, it would really benefit from something like Pillars of Eternity's "send party member on away mission" system, where squaddies could be sent on missions to bring back loot/XP whilst the named guys are off doing daring-do.

Basically, I'm enjoying it for "one mission and levelling/equipping per evening" but don't feel compelled to sink hours and hours into it.
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