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January 20th, 2012, 08:17
What's with all the flip-flopping on key design decisions so late in the game? This isn't just tweaking and polishing, it smacks of something more foreboding, like design leadership that don't have a clear vision of what the hell they’re doing.

As a prime example, they've been working on this for how long, stating that being forced back to town is bad and disruptive so they're going to design in these great streamlining features (which were great, btw) to allow you to deal with junk-loot efficiently and now all of the sudden forcing you back to town is in your best interests? But wait! That’s not all! While we are at it flip-flopping, we'll flip mid flop and say you don't have to go back to town to identify items anymore because you're just that bad ass!


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