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November 28th, 2012, 16:47
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Well, it's Microsoft, so that's probably as cheap as it'll ever get. I don't have high expectations, but I just want to see what Albion is like with some steampunk flavor added in. Besides, it has Michael Fassbender.

As far as KoA, we talked about it recently if you recall. I'm gonna give it a shot as an action-adventure and not try to pretend it's a serious RPG.
When you play KOA don't explore to far ahead. Each area locks when you enter it based on your level.

For example Ettinmere has a level range of 3-13. So if you enter at level 1 it will lock at level 3. It will not change again so if you come back at level 13 you will still get level 3 monsters.

The highest level range on the first continent is 11-25. So if you explored every area before level 11 effectively the entire first Continent is stuck at level 11 or lower.

I made the mistake of exploring the first continent at a low level and just about every area locked at its lowest level. Resulting in the game being way to easy. It was supposed to be open world so I just started exploring everywhere like I do in all open world games but that's not really an option unless you don't care about difficulty.

Too bad too because the combat is the best part of the game unless you ruin it by exploring.

I believe there was a mod to fix this but don't quote me on it.
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