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November 29th, 2012, 10:22
Just don't look too hard.

I like open-world games as well, but I'm already seeing things in FC3 that are setting off the warning bells in my head. Have you watched the gameplay video in the other thread? The world looks great, but there are some very questionable design decisions imo. In short, it's looking a bit too "arcadish" for me.
I've watched several videos. I'm not expecting a hardcore simulator - but more like an evolved Far Cry 2 - which I also really liked. They did away with the horrible respawning mechanic (my main issue with FC2) - and they've introduced a skill tree and focused more on stealth elements.

To me, it looks exactly like the kind of shooter I prefer. I like shooting things, but I hate being pushed through linear corridors and I adore non-linear freeform gameplay. I also happen to really like a well told story - just as long as I can choose when to progress and I don't feel caged in by it. This also seems to be the case with Far Cry 3.

But I'm not expecting a miracle. Few games are, by the way

What, exactly, is it about Far Cry 3 that you turns you off?




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