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September 9th, 2013, 10:32
Although the review says everything needs to be said about the game I just want to share my thoughts.

I have spent approximately 15 hours with the early access and had a blast with it. From what I saw Limbic is true to its word and going to deliver us the old school experience we have craved for in a long time. I locked myself in the house in the weekend and canít get out my chair until I finished the early demo.

I played the non-patched version. So there were some annoyances like time goes too fast, no restocking of potions, no healer, ceasing of combat. But all of the these problems have already been wiped out with the latest patch.

I played it on hard difficulty and very enjoyed with it. The game really challenges you in this mode like in the old games. So no walking in the park here. Also the fact that thereís no healer and restocking of potions in the vendors make the game more challenging and force you to drink your potions carefully. So micro managing is important here.

One of the main differences with the oldest M&Ms is the character progression in the game. Itís rather slow compare to older games. But I like it more, this system makes every monsters you killed, every quest you achieved count. I somewhat dislike the old M&M gamesí level, HP inflation where at some point monster HPs and damage you dealt went to ridiculous levels.

This demo made me impatient for the releasing of final game. It seems I have to take a week off from my work in the early 2014.
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Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man
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