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October 20th, 2007, 23:58
Some people don't get it, an expansion is to improve the original experience, add new content and fix what does not work. In these respects ToE has performed VERY well.
Difficult, what a crybaby. Play it on easy

I read it carefully and I can tell that he had not played much the previous titles. There may be some trial and error but that's if you want to press your luck. You are afraid of big stacks, wait for later when you have a good army. The whole orc campaign is building army and charging to the enemy towns - period. Necro campaign is trickier but when you can summon a phoenix, puppet enemies, regain mana and raise your troops what is your problem? Yes you will face some tough enemies but you can return back and get more army, the specials should give you an edge already.

What is someone really looking for in a campaign anyway? A cakewalk where everything is offered to you in a silver plate? In that respect shadow of death SUCKS because it had some hard missions. He's just biased and does not even consider that some may like this.

So far I have played the campaigns up to the first mission of academy. The game is better balanced(though I dislike flaming arrows being widely available), necro got nerfed, inferno and haven got an easier earlygame which is basically what should be done.
The campaign is intriguing and this time around it's worth paying attention to the storyline. The maps are also better designed and I like the challenge they offer.
Considering these the game was only improved and not in negligible parts - it has a freshness about it.
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