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October 3rd, 2017, 15:37
Lemme see… Oh a few remarks.

- Tag "noble" can come from a certain equipment (hat).
- Sorry, I skipped every paragraph where "lone wolf" is mentioned, not interested in that (crap?) a single bit.
- There actually is some handholding in the game, and those are "secret chests" on the map or some specific (and to me irritating) quest flags that appear here and there but never vanish nor can be removed like user flags.
- About closing exploration lines, you are the one who makes the atmosphere on your own, poison clouds, blessed clouds, etc. Dunno what other atmosphere you're talking about.
- The bug of inventory use after charm you mention, sorry, I didn't experience. Instead, the "charmed" person (possessed actually during dwarf rescue on b. island) instantly casted fire storm and wasted my 3 source points! Then the blasted demon jumped on ifan who, guess what, casted arrow storm right away. I just wish I had that bug of yours.

Great review anyway, although I wish some more details on crafting, cheating bosses, cheese you can do or not, a few OP things, etc, but perhaps it'd make a review too long.

About the score, I have to disagree, but will say why in "finished" thread in a day or two.
IMO this game is so awsome it will be remembered as a classic. At least till DOS3 appears.
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