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December 18th, 2009, 09:34
Thanks for the explanation. As a reader, I like to see a score since I'm curious to know which game you, the reviewer, thought was better (particularly since my tastes tend to be fairly similar to yours). My gaming time is often limited which sometimes necessitates "tough" choices. If, for instance, I see that Dhruin, Brother None and VDweller all agree that game A is better than game B, it allows me to feel pretty confident that I made the right choice to invest my time into game A. Without a score, it can sometimes be difficult to judge.
That said, if I were reviewing a game, I might well feel differently. Perhaps the false impressions created by scores and pointless debates about the final numbers outweigh the benefits to the reader.

As for the Watch, it is definitely my favourite site for RPG info, but I find the style of reviews tends to vary a lot depending on who's doing the review. Some reviewers explain all the mechanics of how the game works, while others assume the reader already knows what the game is about and instead focus on qualitative assessments. Perhaps that lack of structure or guidelines isn't a bad thing as it opens the door for some interesting writing (Mike's STALKER review and PJs Witcher essay come to mind). I can't help getting impatient at times though - still waiting for the Eschalon Book 1 review
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