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October 21st, 2018, 01:07
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I thought far cry 2 sucked rotten eggs (well worse than rotten eggs). Basically you go in a circle and every 2 seconds everything regens at the intersections. Stupidest design ever (well actually not recent games have shown you can do worse). I thought it would be an improved version of far cry because well it was far cry 2; sadly i didn't listen to the rumours that said it was ubishit using the name far cry. I think it was that game that started me down the path of referring to all things ubi as ubishit even though child of light was fantastic.
A crying shame since I don't think there is a better potential location for the Far Cry series than Africa. Sure beats Montana. First Far Cry I played was 4 then 3 then realized 4 was a re-skinning of 3 but I enjoyed them both immensely. Far Cry 3 actually had the most memorable C&C moment for me in all my gaming, in the end. I chose not to rescue my friends but went for easy sex with the female baddie of the game. And the consequences of that were, um, memorable, to say the least. Well, at least I died with a grin.
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