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November 27th, 2011, 07:27
you need to patch up, trust us on this one. The blocking was vastly improved w/ the patch, the combat in general is better post-patch. In the Witcher vs Witcher2 combat opinions, I tend to like them both. I like the blocking in part 2, and i like the fluidity and acrobatics of the original. Part 2 does have the tendency to launch me headfirst into a group of enemies when I least expect it, as the cursor can be dodgy at times.

Alchemy is dead, which is a shame because it was pretty cool in the original game. Do yourself a favor and dont sink anything into it, give it a peek and keep on walking…

Overall, I think the original is the better game. I dislike the setting and theme of Witcher 2. The focus on more of the "political intrigue" thing is pretty much the way it is the entire game, youre a small part of a bigger war, and to me it's just… meh. In the original, Geralt was the focus, killing monsters was the focus, local quests were the focus, crazy/awesome characters were the focus. Lady of the Lake freakin' knighting me like the boss I am - now that's more my style. Not navel gazing about who's gonna have control of the kingdom next, I really dont give a fuck, personally. Now show me the way to the nearest monster infested tomb plz.

Witcher 2 gets more and more boring as the game progresses, I couldnt get to the end quick enough after the first couple chapters. I think the best character in the game was the Succubus!
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