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October 25th, 2017, 23:47
Awesome, thanks for the comments both of you.

I just finished Gothic 2 for the first time a couple months back, and while I liked it a lot, I have to say that ELEX is probably my favorite PB game too. And I agree with @JDR13 that the Risen games are underrated. But ELEX is really something. It's like the attention to detail of the Gothic/Risen games with a huge handcrafted world that is just crazy to explore. All while maintaining hand-placed everything, high challenge level, methodical and slow progression, interesting characters and factions and exquisite balance (IMO). It's really PB taken to the next level. And the jetpack is a must-have for future open-world RPGs that have lots of interesting things to see and find.

I will definitely preorder ELEX 2. ELEX is probably closest to my "ideal RPG" when it comes to this genre of action RPG.

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