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September 30th, 2019, 13:58
I haven't said anything after I said I started a TB playthrough.

And that's because my HD crashed and I lost my save (I was about 20 hours in). I ended-up restarting with a shadowdancer instead and I had a lots of fun for about 30 hours. That's when I decided to play the Beast of Winter DLC and I found it boring. Well more like annoying than boring, the lore stuff is super interesting, the mechanics and fights in it aren't.

Then I saw some Cyberpunk 2077 stuff and I wanted to play some cyberpunk so I installed DX:MD and played that until Greedfall released which I completed a week ago…and now I'm alternating between AC Odyssey (I also lost my save to that in the HD crash) and Daggerfall Unity.

I did finish the Beast of Winter DLC though. I might return to finish my TB playthrough eventually. I am already level 18 and got enough money for the ship upgrades, so I could beeline for the ending technically, but I kinda wanted to do a full completion run and I still have a lots of things to do for that (2 DLCs and a lots of factions quests).
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